I’m an interdisciplinary artist originally from Jiangsu, China. I have my BE in Digital Media Technology from Nanjing University of Posts & Telecommunications and my BFA in Communication Arts from New York Institute of Technology.  I also achieved my MFA in Studio Art (emphasis on Film) at San Francisco Art Institute. I have a solid background in filmmaking. After learning and exploring for a while at SFAI, my interest transferred to video installation and sculpture. I admire the power that moving images, as well as still objects, can bring to people by utilizing the space and expressing emotions.


My artworks focus on identity, gender-recognition and social issues. We live in a world full of diversity, understanding, and tolerance, while we also experience indifference, discrimination, and violence. I try to raise consciousness and discussion through my works. In order to exemplify, I often present myself in my works to personalize the struggles I face. I illustrate the concept through multi-media works that act as both reflective and connective forces between people and society.

© 2020 by Yuanyuan Zhu.